We're running into lots of small companies that have picked up on an interviewing technique that is used at Walt Disney World. For positions that require good social skills, the companies conduct job interviews with three or more candidates at a time. That way, they get a valuable glimpse of how people interact with their peers, not just with the manager who's doing the interviewing.

"To start cost cutting, managements usually ask: 'How can we make this operation more efficient?' It is the wrong question. The question should be: 'Would the roof cave in if we stopped doing this work altogether?' And if the answer is, 'Probably not,' one eliminates the operation. . . . It is always amazing how many of the things we do will never be missed. . . . And nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all."

-- Peter Drucker, "Permanent Cost Cutting," The Wall Street Journal, January 11, 1991