I wake up every morning,

I'm already overstressed,

I read The Wall Street Journal ,

I get even more depressed.

* * *

And I wonder if I'm tough


to make it one more day,

I should have stayed a hippie,

life was easier that way.

I sit down at my desk,

I prepare to pay my dues,

Then I contract a nasty case

of the small-business man's blues.

My overhead's incredible,

my profit margin's low,

My help is undependable,

my cash flow is too slow.

I went golfing with my lawyer,

he charged me for his time,

I'd call up my accountant,

but I gave him my last dime.

You want this house of horrors,

you can have it for a song,

Oh, Lord, don't let me be

a small-business man for long.

-- From "Small-Business

Man's Blues,"

by Steve Brennan

(Brennan's album, Right Here, is available from Mooselook Records, 26 Leavitt Rd., Hampton, NH; (603) 926-7970. Cassette, $10; compact disc, $15.)

* * *