Searching for talent is typically a scattershot affair. You advertise for help, mention to a few friends that you're hiring, and finally sign up the boyfriend of an employee's sister.

KiNexus, a new database of job seekers, allows you to examine a far broader range of potential candidates. It currently contains résumés of some 50,000 juniors, seniors, and young alumni from almost 900 colleges, and will eventually collect information on job hunters with far more experience.

KiNexus will tailor its information to your needs for less than the $3,500 fee it charges corporations that want the entire database. The data is sent on a floppy disk or CD ROM drive and is updated monthly. You can also hire KiNexus to do the looking: $25 for the search and $100 for producing one or more candidates as a result. For information call (800) 828-0422. -- Ellyn E. Spragins

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