The 1980s are over, but the mindboggling array of financial instruments concocted and popularized during the decade lives on. While most businesspeople have never even heard of such state-of-the-art products as bunny bonds or repos, these instruments do offer some attractive advantages for corporate investors as well as issuers.

Coopers & Lybrand has put together the amazingly comprehensible Guide to Financial Instruments, which analyzes in 145 pages the purpose, risk considerations, tax advantages, and other features of nearly 50 financial vehicles. Although some are too obscure to be useful to small and growing companies, others -- such as interest-rate swaps, bridge loans, and bankers' acceptances -- offer real potential to smaller companies. The free guide can be ordered by contacting Coopers & Lybrand, Publications Department, 7th floor, 1251 Ave. of the Americas, New York, NY 10020; (212) 536-2000.

-- Jill Andresky Fraser

* * *