The Business A wholesale flower farm with an ocean view, on 4.3 acres on the slopes of Mount Haleakala, Maui. Includes 13 screened, carnation-filled greenhouses (86,000 square feet); a two-bedroom house; an orchard of plum, cherry blossom, apple, and pear trees; and room to grow. Now on the market because of a decline in the operator's health.

Financial Summary 1988 1989 1990
Gross sales $107,418 $50,348 $50,584

Recast pretax profit (loss) 23,000 (10,000) (12,000)

Price $1.2 million

Outlook Flowers are hot, even if this grower isn't. The domestic wholesale cut-flower market topped $815 million last year, and floral-item sales per capita have risen from $24.50 to $51.69 since 1982. Experts say a new owner should consider planting what grows best here (and yields more money per bloom): the exotic and tropical plants naturally suited to Hawaii's unusual climate.

Price Rationale Though not exactly distressed, this business has certainly been neglected -- and the owner is in a hurry to sell. The result: a bargain (he claims), with an asking price that might be lower than liquidation value. Subtract the $450,000 that the buildings and equipment are estimated to be worth, and you're left with land costs of about $175,000 per acre -- substantially lower than the $300,000 per acre sometimes fetched by agricultural properties in this choice Maui locale. You're buying assets, not goodwill.

Pros Projected revenues of $180,000, with a 44% net, after expansion. (There's more than enough unused property for greenhouse space to be doubled.) Brisk local demand for fresh flowers from Maui hotels and flower shops. A market waiting to be tapped: Japan, by far the world's leading consumer of flowers.

Cons Because this garden has not been properly tended for the past two years, it will require substantial recultivation (an estimated $100,000 investment) to become profitable again. Floriculture is a delicate business, requiring patience, hard work, and something not everyone is born with: a green thumb. -- Alessandra Bianchi

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