How are you dealing with health-care costs? Our first query comes from a CEO who is considering self-insurance and wants to compare notes. Other readers ask about multilevel marketing, buying computers, and working through retirement. And in Resources (August 1991, [Article link]), experts answer this question: how can you protect your invention when discussing it with others?

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Company, Insure Thyself
After years of watching health-insurance premiums at our $1.5-million corporation multiply while our benefits evaporated, we're considering self-insurance for our seven employees. Where can we get good advice on this? We'd love to hear from companies that are self-insured.

David Elkind


Elkind + Sweet


San Francisco

Secrets of the Pyramids
I am researching multilevel marketing, and I want to know when in a company's life cycle new members stop making money. Has anyone analyzed this? I have found little information on the industry -- only the suggestion that it is not bona fide. If that's true, I'd like to know that as well.

Deborah Grove

San Francisco

Once Burned
How do you make a decision when buying a large number of personal computers? Last year we started developing software to store and manipulate data in our field offices and to forward data to our headquarters for further analysis and accounting. We went to local providers, who answered all our questions and assured us their system was upgradeable and expandable. We outgrew it in a year and learned then that it would cost more to upgrade than to buy a new, larger system. Where can we get better, unbiased advice?

Bennie M. Warren


Consolidated Traffic

Management Services

Duluth, Ga.

Part-Time Ceo
I'm planning to buy a small business a year or two before I retire. Is there information available on running a business part-time? Have people out there done it, and can they offer some advice?

Neil Steyskal

Washington, D.C.