For small-company managers who want to test their management skills and learn from the experience as well as from the feedback of participants and trainers (see "Training," [Article link]) the MSP Institute (212-982-4929) suggests two of its management simulations. The first, Northward Arts Co., is itself small, with six managers and 20 employees. The other, Food Corp., is a larger company but focuses on growth issues. The Institute's programs cost about $1,000 a person.

At The Center for Creative Leadership (919-545-2800), which offers three different simulations out of its Greensboro, N.C., headquarters, The Looking Glass simulation is offered as part of a five-day program for $2,900. Though The Looking Glass is modeled after a large organization, the center says it's an appropriate simulation for small-company managers who need to be effective in influencing and communicating with people. The center also offers simulations at its offices and through licensees around the world. -- Ellyn E. Spragins