In lieu of strapping polygraph sensors on potential employees, which is now under most circumstances illegal, some companies are administering pencil-and-paper quizzes called honesty tests. We thought the most interesting way to tell you about these integrity exams would be to conduct one with you. We'd pose questions, you'd answer, and the test publishers would grade the results. Unfortunately, being an honesty-test publisher doesn't mean you have to be particularly hon . . . shall we say, forthcoming about test answers. The publishers nixed the idea.

So instead, we'll conduct ground-breaking research here. You answer a few questions we've gleaned from some actual honesty tests, and we'll tell you how you compare with other Inc. readers. So click on that 600-watt light bulb and tell us everything . . .

Agree, Disagree, Or Undecided:
1. It's OK to take something from a company that's making too much profit.

2. Stealing is just a way of getting your fair share.

3. If I'm passed over for a promotion, it's OK to take things from work to get back at the company.

4. When a store overcharges its customers, it's OK to change price tags on merchandise.

Yes or No:
5. Do you always tell the truth?

6. Did you ever think about committing a burglary?

7. If you could get into a movie without paying and not get caught, would you do it?

8. Is it OK to get around the law if you don't actually break it?