Why is Adrienne Zoble's 74-page loose-leaf workbook, The Do-able Marketing Plan: Business Survival and Growth for the '90s, a terrific small-business marketing guide? Because it doesn't pretend to have all the answers; just most of the questions. And because it doesn't overwhelm already overburdened CEOs with everything they should be doing, but shows them how to build a useful and usable marketing plan a step at a time. Even if you spend only 10 or 15 minutes a day filling in the blanks that Zoble, a marketing consultant, has organized to move you logically through the process, the exercise will still open your eyes to possibilities you've overlooked.

For the price of taking a consultant to lunch ($42.95 plus $6.75 for postage and handling), get the workbook and spend 15 minutes a day with it. You may want professional help eventually, but going through Zoble's exercises will help you know better what a consultant is talking about. To order, call 908-968-7771. -- Tom Richman