Anyone seriously exploring the use of tests to assess prospective or current employees' aptitudes and skills should take a look at The Tenth Mental Measurements Yearbook, edited by Jane Close Conoley and Jack J. Kramer, which contains 569 critical reviews of 396 tests. While you probably won't want to select a test solely on the basis of the yearbook's critiques, spending time with this book is probably the fastest way to develop a context for understanding the broad range of tests in existence and what they try to measure.

Published by the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements, the yearbook describes and evaluates all manner of tests: vocational, personality, intelligence, mathematics, and 12 other categories. Each description includes the test's purpose, cost, and authors. In the back of the yearbook, a publishers index provides addresses. The book is available through The University of Nebraska Press (402-472-3581) for a pricey $125, so consider looking for it at the nearest university or urban library. -- Ellyn E. Spragins