Experts may criticize honesty tests, but almost everyone agrees that the three largest test publishers have well-documented research. Here's who the honesty-test giants are:

* Reid Psychological Systems, The Reid Report (312-938-9200). An order of 10 to 24 tests costs $17.50 per test and includes scoring services.

* The Stanton Corp., The Stanton Survey (800-528-5745; 704-552-1119 in North Carolina). Cost: $14 per test (scored over the phone) for an order of 25 or fewer tests; $7.50 per test (scored by an on-site computer) for 500 or more tests.

* London House, The Personnel Selection Inventory (800-221-8378). Depending on which version you order, the PSI costs from $8 to $18 per test for a minimum order of 25 tests. Price includes scoring and telephone consulting services.

-- Ellyn E. Spragins