In the past Network readers have sought and received advice on filing for copyright protection. This month someone writes that he protected his designs and saw them stolen anyway. How can he enforce his copyright? Another reader wants to find a new job without losing the one he has. But first, a query about helping a rookie up the ladder.

Movin' On Up
About a year ago I found someone who has the drive and integrity needed to be an effective representative for our service. This employee has worked hard and is finally bringing in business. I'd like to know how to bring him into a junior-partner position, but I don't want to make it too sudden or too easy. Thanks for any suggestions.

Lee Crawford


Crawford Capital


San Diego

Patent Defending
Since 1980 our company has designed and manufactured mosaics that are installed in swimming pools, patios, and commercial buildings. All our designs are copyrighted and marked as such. However, competitors have copied our designs -- sometimes with slight modifications, sometimes exactly. Some pool companies are even claiming that these copies are in fact our work, although the quality of the copies is not up to our standards. What steps should we take to protect ourselves?

Robert A. Krawczyk


Mosaics by Danico


Search for Tomorrow
I have worked as a chief operating officer at a family-owned company for 11 years. Now I yearn for more -- more responsibility and more equity. Neither is possible here, so I'm looking for a job. Since I don't want to leave before I'm ready, networking is too risky; word might get back to the owners. Recruiters are risky, too, and don't handle the equity issue well. The financial investment I'm willing to make for equity is too small to interest venture firms. For a year now, I have written several hundred letters to prospects found by a management consultant, but they were poor-quality companies, many in dire financial circumstances. What other options should I explore?

Name Withheld