"With the Civil Rights Bill of 1991 we are witnessing the most organized and systematic assault on free speech and privacy since the McCarthy era. The vagueness of the sexual harassment law, combined with our current litigation explosion, is a frightening prospect for small businesses. We are now financially responsible for sexually offensive verbal behavior, even if we don't know it is occurring, under a law that provides no guidelines to define 'offensive' and 'harassment.' This is a cultural fascism unmatched since the Chinese communists outlawed hand-holding, decorative clothing and premarital sex.

"This law is detrimental even to the women it professes to help. I am a feminist, but the law has made me fearful of hiring women. If one of our cooks or managers -- or my husband or sons -- offends someone, it could cost us $100,000 in punitive damages and legal expenses. There will be no insurance fund or stockholders or taxpayers to pick up the tab."

-- From "Cultural Fascism," an article in Forbes, December 9, 1991, by Sarah J. McCarthy, a Pittsburgh restaurateur and writer

* * *