Surprisingly, the U.S. government hasn't published anything useful on the subject of international tax planning for American companies doing business overseas. But there are two other, excellent sources of information:

* "Tax Incentive Strategies for Exporters" is a free, 35-page handbook produced by Miller Cooper & Co., an accounting firm in Northbrook, Ill. Largely written in a question-and-answer format, the booklet provides sophisticated and comprehensive tax advice, targeted to exporters' specific needs, in jargon-free language. Call 708-205-5000.

* Information Guide Series lists 85 free titles prepared by Price Waterhouse. Each focuses on the business and financial climate of a different foreign country. The paperback books (generally running about 200 pages) provide impressively detailed analyses of auditing and accounting laws, tax rules, and other key considerations for any U.S. company doing business in these countries. Call 212-819-5010. -- Jill Andresky Fraser