I Want To Get Physical

For the past year I have researched the possibility of opening a health and fitness center in northern Florida. The lawyers I've spoken to and the magazines I've read emphasize the importance of firsthand experience. I earned a postgraduate degree in health and have belonged to many clubs, but I have never worked in one. Should I refine my business plan and begin raising money now, or should I first get certified as an athletic trainer and work for 6 to 12 months in a club? I make an excellent salary, so I'd like to keep my job as long as possible.

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A Kinder, Gentler Employee Review

For years I have looked for a good book that covers employee reviews. Occasionally, I find a chapter in some management book, but nothing with any depth. There are volumes on hiring and firing, but nothing on reviews. The right book would teach supervisors to make reviews constructive and less anxiety ridden. Any suggestions?

Steven Rosenthal


American Finish & Chemical

Chelsea, Mass.

Moving Expenses

Where can I find information regarding states or municipalities that offer venture-capital incentives to companies that will relocate to their region?

Daryl Hawkins

Board Member

Twin Cities Board of Trade


Vox Humana

I'd like to ask readers what they think of voice mail and automated operators. Our company is a manufacturer of sportswear. I've spoken about this idea to associates. Some love it, especially for their salespeople on the road. Others find it impersonal. When is it right?

Alan Peyser


David Peyser Sportswear

Bay Shore, N.Y.