ANNOYING RADIO VOICE: Have you ever been hurt? Did you ever think you were hurt? Have you ever dreamed about being hurt? If so, call us, and we'll sue someone for you.

Hi, I'm Dennis Iacobbo -- and I'm Ali Cabral -- and we're the owners of Job Link. . . . It's attitudes like those that have Rhode Island businesses going belly-up. . . .

Burned by a wrongful workers' compensation suit and angered by sue-happy lawyers' advertisements, Ali Cabral and Dennis Iacobbo decided to get even in a radio ad of their own. Scripted like a public-service announcement, their radio spot was unlike any previous ad run by Job Link, a $5-million temporary-placement and employee-leasing company in Providence. Job Link's phone number wasn't even mentioned. Yet the ad, first aired last fall, prompted a steady stream of calls from business owners, talk-show listeners, and politicians. One company owner even pitched in $75 to keep the ad running.

Encouraged by the response, Cabral and Iacobbo took to the airwaves to sound off about other work issues. Each ad costs about $250 a week to produce and run five times a day on eight area radio stations. Business has picked up 30% over the past six months, Cabral notes. And the ads have boosted Job Link's name recognition. "We still get at least a call a day, and everywhere we go, people say, 'Great ads!' "

-- Susan Greco

* * *