To get started on your own health-promotion program contact WELCOA (402-444-1711), an Omaha nonprofit organization of wellness councils. Ask for the cost-benefit brochure ($1), which will help you figure out if a wellness program is worth your while. Well Now ($10) is a manager's guide to health promotion. If you decide to go ahead with a program, Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise ($25) is jam-packed with information. It includes formulas for analyzing your company's health-care costs, questionnaires for determining your greatest health needs, and a detailed audit of what your program will cost.

You may also want to find out if you're located near one of WELCOA's 30 wellness councils. Membership costs of roughly $2.50 per employee per year will buy you participation in a host of training activities.

-- Ellen E. Spragins

* * *