Even as the federal government tries to jump-start the economy with lower interest rates, the credit clampdown of the past couple years continues to dog companies. Indeed, many financial experts believe that tight credit standards will be with us for several years. We recently asked our readers to tell us about their own experiences as borrowers. The response: more than two-thirds of the respondents told us they weren't satisfied with their banking relationships. When we asked for specific information about what their banks had requested in the past year, here's what they said:

Company Revenues
(in millions) 100 K to $3 $3 to $10 > $10
Reduce line of credit 43% 46% 41%

Find additional equity 31 34 45

Reduce borrowing 29 29 32

Provide personal growth 79 73 68

Meet more stringent ratios 19 32 64

Maintain larger deposits 17 12 23

Source: Inc. FaxPoll?, April 1992 (No.04920241).