They said it couldn't be done, but someone's doing it: marketing an affordable -- $38, bought in quantity -- device with which an office can retrofit video display terminals to shield users from extremely low-frequency (ELF) radiation. The new product, ELF ProTech, incorporates a proprietary alloy that boasts virtually the same emission-damping properties of exotic Mu-Metal at one-tenth the cost, claims Michael L. Hiles, founder and CEO of NoRad, in Santa Monica, Calif.

The apparatus consists of two flat, wide arcs attached around the top and sides of the monitor. But it's equally effective at the front, says Hiles, because ELFs "go out of their way" to be absorbed by the inviting alloy. He compares the attraction to that of lightning rods: lightning bolts would rather travel through rods than through the air.

NoRad will send free product information and a brochure on ELF radiation-testing standards. Call 800-262-3260.

-- Robert A. Mamis