Cynthia Bronte thinks employees would accomplish more if they played more. The former marketing executive was so convinced of this that she quit her job, invested $2,500, and started Corporate Games, in Union City, Calif. Bronte cites studies showing that employees attending seminars and meetings retain less than 25% of what they see and hear, and she says, "A company today can't afford to have employees come away with nothing." Charging by the hour, Bronte takes a company's own meeting information and creates a customized game for groups as small as six or as large as several hundred. Formats -- ranging from indoor and outdoor team competitions, game-show activities, adventure hunts, and murder mysteries -- are designed to entertain, to increase participation, to boost morale, and to be a learning tool. The company's clients are principally located in the San Francisco area, but business is expanding steadily; Corporate Games has associates in 11 cities around the United States and anticipates 1992 revenues in excess of $100,000.

-- Alessandra Bianchi