The outrageously large compensation packages large corporations award top executives have no corollary among midsize companies, according to a recent Ernst & Young survey. Bonuses offered ranged form 17.2% of base salary, for controllers, to 58.6% for CEOs. After CEOs, who earned an average of $128,206, chief operating officers earned the most in base pay.

1991 Base Salary as a Percentage of CEO's Base Salary:

* * *

Chief operating officer 73%
Top R&D executive 69%
Top marketing and sales exec 58%
Top financial officer 56%
Top engineering executive 52%
Top manufacturing executive 52%
Top sales executive 51%
Treasurer 40%
Controller 39%
Top human-resources exec 39%
Top systems and data-processing manager 39%

Source: Ernst & Young's 1992 Executive Compensation Middle Market Survey of companies with annual sales of less than $50 million, New York City.