Scoffing at any trend toward paperless offices, Xerox is now marketing PC-to-fax-and-back software it confidently calls PaperWorks. The program lets a user summon a file from a remote PC by faxing to the PC a specially filled-in form. The PC "reads" the instructions, finds the requested item on its disk, dials back the distant fax, and transmits the document.

From any fax machine in the world, you could command your code-protected home-office PC to itemize the incoming faxes you received since you left, relay selected ones for your immediate reading, and delete the remainder; you could direct your PC to fax a stored document (a product description, say) to a list of recipients; or you could send the paper document you have in hand to your PC and have the PC relay it to a given list of recipients or simply store it, pending your return.

PaperWorks ($249.95) requires an 80386-based PC or better with 4 megabytes of RAM, 20 megabytes of hard-disk space, Microsoft Windows, and a fax board. For information, call PaperWork Supplies at 800-432-9329; better yet, fax the company at 800-428-3329. -- Robert A. Mamis