Do you really need one? The 600 small companies surveyed by Ernst & Young for its annual compensation indicated a bias toward the double-duty title of sales-and-marketing executive; more companies had an executive bearing the combined appellation than had one with a simple sales executive or marketing executive title. Of course, the titles aren't mutually exclusive -- some companies do have both a sales exec and a marketing exec under the same roof.

Less than $2 million $2 million-$5 million $5 million-$10 million $10 million-$25 million $25 million-$50 million
By sales size, the percentage of companies with a sales-and-marketing executive 30% 48% 58% 60% 64%
The percentage of companies with a sales executive 7% 19% 23% 33% 33%
The percentage of companies with a marketing executive 5% 13% 9% 23% 15%

Source: "The 1991 Ernst & Young Survey of Executive Compensation for Middle Market Companies," based on data collected from 669 companies, roughly 55% of which had sales of $10 million or less.