When, as a graduating senior, Ken Ramberg was having little luck finding an employer through his university career-placement center, he decided to become an employer himself. Ramberg, along with his mother, Connie, and an acquaintance, David Franey, launched Jobtrak, a computerized college job-listing network. Headquartered in Los Angeles, privately funded Jobtrak lists job opportunities and provides data processing (with daily updates) for more than 190 college placement centers nationwide. Use of the service for the schools is free; employers are charged $12.50 per college for each listing, with dramatic volume discounts ($165 for all colleges). "The price point's low enough that it makes sense for them," says Ramberg, an economics major. Since its founding, in mid-1988, Jobtrak has served more than 50,000 employers (at an average fee of $33) and listed more than 100,000 positions ranging from a mechanical-engineering post at AT&T to a short-order-cook spot at the local pizza joint.

-- Alessandra Bianchi