Now that bad posture has come under office scrutiny (see "Oh, That Aching Back," October 1992, [Article link]), there are more devices dedicated to prevention. Three recent ones:

* Desktop desk. A portable daislike device that sits atop a standard desk, holding reading and writing materials at ergonomically appropriate heights and angles. Units cost $116 to $199, from Ergo Desk (800-822-3746).

* Neutral-posture chair. Said to be the only desk chair registered with the FDA as a medical device. Comes with an inflatable lumbar cushion and a host of controls. Cost: $700 and up, from the Relax the Back Store (512-459-2225).

* Footrest. An adjustable ottoman with a curved surface, said to encourage blood circulation and to help fulfill the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's recommendation that a sitter's knees be at a right angle to the floor. Available for $85 from Details (212-334-9100). -- Robert A. Mamis