If you're thinking about entering the children's market (see "Smart Marketing to Kids," November 1992, [Article link]), you'll need to know just how far kids have come as consumers. To start, consider these:

* Kids as Customers, a Handbook of Marketing to Children (Lexington Books, New York City, 1992, $35) chronicles the demographic emergence of children as customers. Author James McNeal looks at children as a primary market, as a market of influencers, and as a future market. He also offers practical tips on such daunting tasks as conducting market research among children.

* Zillions, Consumer Reports for Kids (Consumers Union, Yonkers, N.Y., $16 for six bimonthly issues), a magazine for 8-to 14-year-olds, offers a glimpse of how kids view the marketing aimed at them. Zillions teaches adolescents how to be more informed consumers. -- Susan Greco