Sometimes it's a challenge for companies to explain the intricacies and the importance of their benefits plan to employees. Here's how Findley Adhesives, a Wawatosa, Wis., manufacturer, solved the problem.

When Findley made major adjustments to its 401(k) retirement plan several months ago, the company purchased a customized video to show to its 375 employees across the United States. "It is important that our employees understand the changes, which sometimes doesn't happen when you just give people a pamphlet to read," explains Paul Schmitz, Find-ley's personnel manager.

Findley purchased its customized video -- which highlights the company's recent changes as well as the tax and other advantages of participating in its 401(k) plan -- from BlueFeather Communication (800-345-2583), which markets 13 benefits videos, including tapes on flexible spending accounts, employee stock options, and managed health-care plans. BlueFeather incorporates its clients' specifics into the videos. Although they are pricey -- a tape like Findley's 401(k) video costs about $3,000 -- "they cost less than a consultant would," says Schmitz, "and we've got a video we can keep showing."

With computer-generated graphics, music, and a relatively lively narration, the videos seem to grab employees' attention. "The first time we showed the 401(k) video, people who had never before participated signed up," Schmitz reports.

-- Jill Andresky Fraser

* * *