During our first national judging for the Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, four years ago, the Socially Responsible category was so controversial that the judges refused to grant an award. This year many local judges report that it is the most popular award of the program, with some nominees -- such as Richard Sanford, founder and CEO of $1.9-billion Intelligent Electronics -- insisting that they be considered for an award only in this category. . . . Our cover story back in August 1990 ("Hot Product, Cold World," [Article link]) featured Cajun Cola, a "product from hell" that wreaked havoc in the life of its creator, Rick Duhé. Judging from a recent conversation, Duhé still hasn't shaken the caffeine habit: Cajun Cola may be reintroduced sometime soon in New York and Canada. . . . Granite Rock, the family business whose extraordinary innovations we profiled in "The Change Masters," in March ([Article link]), was one of five winners of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards for 1992 .