These are, indeed, amazing times we live in. Take last summer, when we witnessed the spontaneous embracing of capitalism in the streets of mainland China as crowds of people fought for the chance to obtain a few shares of stock in the handful of companies going public in that country. The events that so dramatically heralded the birth of a market economy, as well as the economic and cultural context in which they developed, are recounted in our package, "China, Inc.," December 1992, [Article link].

Accompanying Bo Burlingham's firsthand report of events in China are excerpts from a forthcoming book by Inc. contributor Joel Kotkin. Tribes: How Race, Religion, and Family Determine Success in the New Global Economy (Random House, January 1993, $24) makes an important and exciting contribution to our understanding of how and why certain ethnic groups have made such a dramatic appearance in recent times on the stage of global business.