What's more frustrating: wasting valuable corporate dollars on ever-more-expensive insurance coverage that you never use, or wasting valuable time haggling with your insurer or broker about insurance claims that seem to be unfairly rejected?

Here's one way to reduce the frustration level. Read "After a Loss: Pursuing an Insurance Claim," a 14-page brochure that manages to be both a quick read and a comprehensive study on how companies should handle the claims-filing process if they experience a fire or other business interruption. Written by insurance-claims specialists at Coopers & Lybrand, the brochure is chock-full of useful information, such as what your company should do during the first 30 days after a disaster, how you should quantify your losses on work in process and finished goods, how to calculate business-interruption costs, and most important of all, how to wrap up all the paperwork quickly. For a free copy, contact Lester Lowenstein, C&L's director of insurance-claims services, at 800-232-2717. -- Jill Andresky Fraser