How can a small company stir up the kind of long-lasting publicity usually associated with huge ad budgets? For its 10th anniversary, a 20-employee Orlando law firm created a celebration that made local history.

By commissioning art, Boroughs, Grimm & Bennett fostered goodwill among its clients and in its community. The firm asked two respected local photographers to celebrate 20 local companies in photos. Ten of the companies were clients, chosen for their close relationship with the firm, their recognition in the community, and the unusual nature of their business.

The photographers were set loose. The results, says partner John Simpson, are "not your typical annual-report-type photos." An abstract study of architectural detail illustrates a real estate company, for example, and a portrait of "Geech" Partin, a grizzled cattleman, represents his family -- longtime cattle raisers.

The firm held receptions and presented signed copies of the photos to the companies portrayed. The exhibition traveled to local schools and galleries. The local press praised the exhibit. The local historical museum added the photos to its collection.

The entire anniversary celebration, including photos, receptions, printing, and mailing, cost $50,000. "We did it for name recognition," says Simpson, "to put ourselves in a league with more-established firms." -- Michael P. Cronin