Frustrated with prospective employees' lack of skills, many companies provide extra training, on-site with either company trainers or outside trainers, or at vocational schools and community colleges. For less money (though with less direct results), some companies help nip the problem in the bud by working with their local school systems.

In what ways is your company involved with the local public-school system? % of respondents
employees to be active in school affairs 41%

Provides information to schools about future employment needs 30

Provides people as resources for classes 22

Conducts familiarization programs at the company for students or teachers 16

Participates in an apprenticeship program 16

Provides equipment to schools 15

Encourages employees to tutor 15

Participates in a cooperative-education program 14

Participates in a school advisory group 12

Note: Multiple responses account for total percentages above 100%.

Source: "Public Education: Meeting the Needs of Small Business," a survey conducted by the Roper Organization, in New York City, for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Center for Workforce Preparation and Quality Education, August 1991.

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