Companies small and large are responding to the increased pressures on their employees with work/family policies that include on-site child care, resource and referral services for elder care, and employee-assistance programs to help deal with stress. While those employers see a return in productivity and loyalty, they walk a fine line between helping and intruding, a survey of workers suggests.

% Answering That They Agree
As part of a company's benefits package, it should provide direct help to employees so they can reduce stress in their lives. 84%

I would resist my employer's assistance in meeting demands outside work because I would not want my employer involved in my personal life. 70%

I often feel torn between the demands of my job and the desire to spend more time with my family. 55%

The conflicting demands of my family and my job put me under a lot of stress. 43%

Source: "New Workplace Priorities and Views on Major Issues Facing the Nation," Cambridge Reports/Research International, Cambridge, Mass., and Stephen A. Zimjney Associates, New York City, September 1992.

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