Things may be just ducky between you and your lender as you read this. But what redress do you have if the bank suddenly decides to pull the plug on your loan?

Litigation is expensive, and every case, of course, has to stand on its own merits. But if you're looking for a basic, nontechnical rundown of what today's lenders can and can't do in their dealings with borrowers, you'll find it in The Lender Liability Deskbook, by Peter M. Edelstein (Irwin Professional Publishing, Burr Ridge, Ill., 1992, $35).

Edelstein, a lawyer, neatly catalogs eight areas of law in which a lender can land in legal hot water. They range from negligence and breach of contract to fraudulent and nonfraudulent representation. Although the book was designed as a reference volume for lending professionals, it can easily serve as a handbook for vigilant borrowers.