"I've become convinced that the neurological connection between the ear and the brain runs through the pocketbook."

-- From a conversation with Paul Daley, owner of Daley Enterprises, a house and apartment builder in Tulare, Calif., about why he's starting open-book management and beginning to educate his 12 employees about his company's financials

The Great American Incubator

Would you believe that, at any given time, some 7.2 million Americans -- about 4% of the adult population -- are in the process of starting a new business? That's just one conclusion of a fascinating new report titled The Entrepreneurial Process, by Professor Paul Reynolds of Marquette University, in Milwaukee. Reynolds further concludes that about 10% of those "nascent entrepreneurs" (about 700,000 people) actually launch a company within two years. The study is a ground-breaking work, examining the entrepreneurial 4% from a variety of perspectives -- age, income level, gender, and geography, among others. It's all vital information for anyone interested in marketing to new businesses. You can obtain a copy by calling the University of Michigan News and Information Service at 313-764-7260. Meanwhile, we're putting together a list of elected officials we'll be sending it to.