Although small companies don't offer as much formal training (that is, with a paid outside instructor) as their bigger brethren do, they offer as much informal (unpaid, in-house) training. And to employees with no high school diploma, small businesses offer twice as much informal training as large companies do. Also, small-company employees see bigger salary increases after training than their large-company counterparts do.

Percentage of businesses offering --
Company size formal training informal training
1-24 employees 18.6% 88.3%

25-99 employees 25.9% 91.0%

100-499 employees 36.1% 89.3%

500 or more employees 44.4% 92.3%

Source: "Job Training Approaches and Costs in Small and Large Firms," Office of Advocacy, U.S. Small Business Administration, 1992.

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