To Eugene Crowe, who was wondering about the benefits of being a socially responsible company ("Kinder, Gentler," October 1993, [Article link]):

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In his book Selling the Dream [HarperCollins, 1992, $10], Guy Kawasaki says that social responsibility as a marketing tactic also helps to further a cause within a company by promoting the enthusiasm of its employees.

Susan Chiz Berenguer


Em Space

Jamestown, N.Y.

Back in October, when Michael Shaughnessy was contemplating a switch to open-book management, we advised him to first educate himself ("Opening the Books," [Article link]). A CEO explains how:

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Your fundamental goal is to make your company more profitable -- not just to open the books. To do so, you must share financial information in a meaningful way: by educating all employees and making the entire financial picture -- not just sales or budget figures -- available for full comprehension.

You want to maximize your employees' retention of financial concepts and minimize the amount of time and money you invest. The key, though, is to make learning fun.

It's also important to clarify for employees what it means to make money. Profit, return on assets and equity, and operating cash flow are the three bottom lines. By understanding those goals and seeing them as goals, employees can more clearly define strategies to reach them.

Victor Kaufman

National Sales Director

Educational Discoveries

Boulder, Colo.