You say you want a new, exciting, challenging job, and you don't know where to start looking? Consider the approach of Paul Moran, who decided he'd like to work for one of the Inc. 500 companies in the Los Angeles area. So he sent letters to all 17 companies, offering to work for free. "I am confident," he wrote, "that any financial rewards will come later." Included with the letter was a "preliminary job description" form that prospective employers were urged to fill out and return -- after checking one of the following boxes:

"Yes, we are interested in interviewing you for an UNPAID POSITION.

"Sorry, we are not interested in having you work for us WITHOUT PAY."

The form went on to say that Moran would select three finalists from the responding companies and then contact them to arrange interviews. The upshot: Paul Moran is today regional president for Collectech Systems, which ranked #394 on the 1994 Inc. 500 list.