Clam Associates, a $12-million Cambridge, Mass., software developer, was no stranger to the information highway -- so it made sense for the company to post help-wanted ads on the World Wide Web. The advantages of on-line recruiting are great enough, however, to persuade even confirmed technophobes to consider trying it.

Kathy Santos, CLAM's "webmaster," put up a CLAM home page on the Web last January; job listings were added in March. After a few fits and starts -- Santos rewrote her ad after being bombarded with rÉsumÉs from inappropriate candidates -- high-quality rÉsumÉs started flooding in. While the company still uses traditional recruiting methods, such as newspaper ads, Santos says, candidates who respond to the Web listing (about five do each day) "are much more educated about our company because all the information is right there on the Web."

CLAM's Web page contains information about its products, services, and business partners, as well as the company's mission statement. Santos says on-line recruiting should help the company fill 16 positions over the next several months.

The Online Career Center offers an Internet recruitment service that also reaches subscribers of America Online, Prodigy, and CompuServe. A 60-day ad costs about $75. For more information, visit the center's Web page at or call 317-293-6499.

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