Even cowboys get the blues -- or rhapsodies by Franz Liszt
Brooks Mitchell doesn't like to wait for anything, including his music. "You're talking to an executive with toys," says Mitchell, CEO of $2-million, 18-employee Aspen Tree Software, in Laramie, Wyo., developers of employee-interview software.

Mitchell, a cowboy originally from Texas, gets his music from Digital Music Express (DMX), a company based in Los Angeles that offers CD-quality sound through local cable access. Mitchell has his choice of more than 30 channels of uninterrupted music, everything from R&B and hard country to show tunes and salsa (installation, $50 to $100; monthly fee, $65).

"Every now and again," says Mitchell, "I'll just be sitting here, and I'll say, 'Boy that's a beautiful piece of music.' All I have to do is push one button to find out the composer, the title of the song, and the name of the album. Everything comes right through this little liquid crystal display on the remote control."

-- Joshua Macht

Published on: Dec 15, 1995