"Work, along with class, has somehow become an overlooked little secret in a lot of American art, popular or high. . . . TV sitcoms like 'Roseanne' and 'Married With Children' have lately embraced both work and class, offering us a raucous, newly liberated view of blue-collar family life. But shows like 'E.R.' have gone one step further. They've remembered that for a lot of us work is where we live most of the time; . . . Even if we don't work in hospitals or in station houses, we can recognize these TV workplaces as being very similar to our own -- with their annoyances and reassuring rituals, crises and the endless time between filled with talk of everything and nothing."

-- From "The Triumph of the Prime-Time Novel," by Charles McGrath, in The New York Times Magazine, October 22, 1995