I've long believed that design is one of the most underutilized tools in American business. We in the business press don't help. We seldom write about design, and when we do, what we have to say is often misguided or downright insipid. Now comes an engaging new magazine that may help rectify the situation. Called @issue, it is being published quarterly by the Corporate Design Foundation, a Boston nonprofit seeking to raise the awareness of design as a business tool. The premier issue features an interview with Kodak CEO George Fisher on integrating design into business strategy; a fascinating article about Federal Express's recent design makeover; and an equally compelling piece about Starbucks's use of design in its remarkable rise. Best of all, the magazine is written in the language of business and informed with a business perspective. For a complimentary subscription, send your name and address to the Corporate Design Foundation, 20 Park Plaza, Boston, MA 02116; E-mail, admin@cdf.org, or fax, 617-451-6355.