"The latest thing in office design is densification. It's widespread. It's everywhere. Here's how it works: you take an office cubicle and shrink it so you can get more people in the same floor space. When I saw that happen firsthand while I was working at Pacific Bell, I thought, 'Well, it's just because we've got this situation. We need to move people in.' But apparently densification is being discovered all over. Managers are looking at the cubicles and realizing, 'Hey, if people will put up with this, then...' There's no logical limit to how small a cubicle can be. You're going to see a point where offices will be so small you'll have to poke your arms through them and wear them as a suit. You'll solve the dress-code problem at the same time." --Dilbert creator

Scott Adams

Published on: Oct 1, 1996