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Does your corporate existence seem humdrum? Then switch gears. This 32-year-old auto racetrack, built with red clay rather than slower asphalt, boasts average speeds of more than 100 miles per hour and plays host to demolition derbies and other Saturday-night competitions. Located near a midsize Southern city, this half-mile track can hold crowds of up to 6,000. With tickets ranging from $5 to $15, it attracts a family crowd; think of it as a less expensive alternative to buying your own minor-league baseball team. Plus you have the chance to meet the Winged Sprint Outlaws every time they visit. The current owner of 15 years is ready for life in a slower lane, but he's willing to train a successor. Most of his 65 part-timers should stay on for the long haul.

OUTLOOK: U.S. car racetracks had record attendance rates of more than 15 million last year. To floor the accelerator with this speedway, which currently gets filled to only one-third of its capacity, you could boost the advertising budget, woo community groups, and pursue promotional revenues from local businesses. Be prepared for a part-time business with plenty of quirks, such as the biggest expense (liability insurance) and most labor-intensive activity (watering the dirt track four days a week).

PRICE RATIONALE: According to the National Race Track Clearinghouse, about 15% of the United States' 2,000 car racetracks change hands each year...with little rhyme or reason when it comes to sale-price valuations. But if you invested $680,000 in a mutual fund instead of doing this deal in cash, you'd easily clear more from the fund's earnings than the speedway currently throws off in recast earnings; finance it instead and you'll likely hit the wall because current earnings can't cover both interest charges and an owner-manager's salary. But don't dismiss this track as a loser: if you can schedule more high-profile races, boost crowds and promotional revenues, and maybe even land a television contract, you might wind up in the winner's circle, even with a purchase price in the $500,000-to-$600,000 range.

PROS: How many businesses offer nearly as much fun as mud wrestling, plus the upside potential of this long-shot contender?

CONS: You'll crash and burn if you don't rev up spectator attendance rates quickly.

THE BUSINESS: Southern dirt-track speedway

PRICE: $680,000 (five-year financing possible with 50% down)

*Before depreciation, interest, taxes, and owner's compensation
FINANCIAL SUMMARY: 1994 1995 1996
Gross revenues $458,000 $435,000 $410,000
Recast earnings* $45,200 $41,300 $39,400

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