How to contact organizations and people mentioned prominently in this issue. (Some listings have been omitted by request)

Each item is indexed to the beginning of the article in which it appears.

ABC Supply, One ABC Pkwy., Beloit, WI 53511; 800-786-1210; See article.

Booz Allen & Hamilton, 101 Park Ave., New York, NY 10178; 212-697-1900; See article.

CarSharing Portland, 620 SW Main St., Suite 228, Portland, OR 97205; 503-872-9882; fax, 503-241-3076;; See article.

CarSharing Traverse, 525 Washington St., Traverse City, MI 49686; 231-946-4125;; See article.

ClickUpdate, 1300 Mt. Kemble Ave., Morristown, NJ 07960; 973-425-0700; fax, 973-425-0505; See article.

DecisionPoint International, 13777 Ballantyne Corporate Pl., Suite 400, Charlotte, NC 28277; 704-248-1111; fax, 704-248-1121; See article.

Flywire, 75 Congree St., Suite L05, Portsmouth, NH 03801; 603-430-3700; fax, 603-430-3766; See article.

Kenny Industrial Services, 414 N. Orleans, Suite 202, Chicago, IL 60610; 312-645-9000; fax, 3312-645-0993; See article.

Pankaj Kumar, Johnson Graduate School of Management, 375 Sage Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14850; 607-255-1133; fax, 607-254-4590; See article.

Leonard M. Lodish, 1409 Steinberg Hall-Dietrich Hall, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA 19104; 215-898-6645; fax, 215-898-2534; See article.

John J. Macht, Macht Group, 99 High St., 20th floor, Boston, MA 02110; 617-728-8696; fax, 617-482-3868; See article.

Mobility (Flexcar), 400 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104; 206-323-3539; fax, 206-381-8940;; See article.

NewHaven Software, 5600 N. River Rd., Suite 864, Rosemont, IL 60018; 847-993-3140;; See article.

Pattie's Patch, P.O. Box 343, Fair Haven, VT 05743; 877-499-4540; See article.

Platinum Concepts, 2045 Filbert St., Suite 1, San Francisco, CA 94123; 415-923-5960; fax, 415-276-4158;; See article.

Pyramid Digital Solutions, One Chase Corporate Center, Suite 225, Birmingham, AL 35244; 205-271-6100; fax, 205-271-6150;; See article.

SCORE, 409 Third St. SW, 6th floor, Washington, DC 20024; 800-634-0245; See article., 1220 Rock St., Rockford, IL 61101; 815-964-7940; fax, 815-964-7982;; See article.

Talking Book World, 2611 Central Park Blvd., Southfield, MI 48076; 888-508-2737;; See article.

Gerald Udell, Center for Business and Economic Development, Southwest Missouri State University, Springfield, MO 65804; 417-836-5671; See article.

Valassis Communications, 19975 Victor Pkwy., Livonia, MI 48152; 800-437-0479; fax, 734-591-3000; See article.

Velma Handbags, P.O. Box 3064, Redwood City, CA 94064; 650-610-0405; See article.

Wing Zone, 1718 Peachtree St., Suite 1070, Atlanta, GA 30309; 404-875-5045; See article.

Zipcar, 675 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, MA 02139; 617-491-9900; fax, 617-491-9971;; See article.

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Dr. Pierre Mornell is a psychiatrist and the author of Hiring Smart! and Games Companies Play, published by Ten Speed Press.

Kate O'Sullivan is a researcher at Inc.

Andrew Raskin is the cofounder and former CEO of Gazooba Corp., based in San Francisco.

Edward O. Welles is a senior feature writer at Inc.

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