Road Trip

WHERE: Silicon Valley

GUIDE: Guy Kawasaki, CEO of Garage Technology Ventures, a venture-capital firm and investment bank in Palo Alto, Calif., that works with high-tech start-ups. Kawasaki was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer and is the author of several books, including Rules for Revolutionaries and The Macintosh Way.

BEST PLACE TO MEET WITH A BANKER AND NOT HAVE ANYBODY KNOW ABOUT IT: No one in Silicon Valley ever wants to meet with somebody and not be seen, but if you must be clandestine, go to the Duck Club at the Stanford Park Hotel, in Menlo Park.

MOST POPULAR BREED OF DOG: Labrador retriever. People here think crooks are scared by dogs that lick you to death. Real dogs come from Germany.

LOCAL BREAKFAST FOOD OF CHOICE: Crow. Apparently, all the people who "knew" that the bust was coming didn't act on that insight.

WHERE TO GO TO MEND A BROKEN HEART: People in Silicon Valley don't have hearts, they have CPUs. Best place to get a new CPU is Fry's Electronics, which is to Silicon Valley what Harrods is to London.

BEST BREAKFAST PLACE TO MEET A VC: Buck's, in Woodside. More lies are told in Buck's than in any other restaurant in America, and that's just by 8 a.m.

BEST PLACE TO CHILL OUT: Watercourse Way. Hot-tub rooms, spa treatments, and massage -- all in downtown Palo Alto.

BEST WRISTWATCH TO SPORT, FOR CREDIBILITY'S SAKE: Breitling Aerospace. The only thing it can't do is count down 180 days to let you know when the lockup period is over.

PDA OF CHOICE: BlackBerry, the small one.

BEST CAR FOR AN ENTREPRENEUR: An Audi, the A4 or the S4. German, but not too German.

BEST PLACES TO HANG OUT AFTER THE MONEY'S BEEN WIRE-TRANSFERRED: Kepler's Books and Magazines and CafÉ Borrone, both located in Menlo Park. A bookstore and cafÉ combination (they're near each other) that can't be beat. Borrone's minestrone is to die for.

BEST PLACE FOR A REALLY GOOD HAIRCUT (MEN AND WOMEN): Golden Shears Barber Shop, Menlo Park. Ask for Wayne. He drives a Harley, but he can make you look like an investment banker. This assumes you want to look like an investment banker.

BEST HOTEL PER DOLLAR: Days Inn in Palo Alto ($79 to $150 a day). Free local calls; DSL lines in the rooms. With all the ISPs going broke, maybe you should host your Web site at a Days Inn.

BEST EVENT FOR SCHMOOZING: Any Churchill Club event. The Club runs 30 to 40 top- flight events every year that draw up to 1,000 businesspeople. When people over 40 refer to the "club scene," they're talking about Churchill Club events.


Written with Nancy Austin

Copyright © 2001 Nancy Austin.

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