This Nintendo isn't kid stuff. Created to lure game-playing grownups who have a greater concern for style and screen visibility, the GameBoy Advance SP (SP stands for special) is more akin to a cell phone than a toy box. When closed, the square measures approximately three by three by one inches, so it can be stashed in a jacket pocket or purse. Its front-lighted screen feature affords better viewing in both darkness and direct sunlight and shuts off for enhanced battery life. (You can add 8 hours to its 10-hour battery span by doing this.) The handheld is also backward-compatible with approximately 1,000 games released for the 14-year-old GameBoy platform. With no real competitor in this space, Nintendo has moved 11.5 million of the GameBoy Advance since its July 2001 release; it's sold 150 million GameBoys since 1989. The Advance SP will hit stores later this month for $100 -- a more mature price than the $70 Advance -- and will be available in either cobalt or platinum.

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