Zagat's just-published New York City Shopping Survey is as tough, eclectic, and "quotable" as the company's ubiquitous restaurant rankings. How are businesses responding to the once-overs? We asked some Gotham retailers to opine on the opinion-makers.

Anne Fontaine

Women's blouses

"I'm still smiling," says Scherie Murray, assistant manager of this highly rated "luxury boutique." The shop -- which isn't "the Gap," Murray notes -- sells over "100 styles" of primarily white blouses named after "women." A hint: Anne Fontaine may have "complimentary wine," if you "ask for it," Murray says. 212-489-1554

Official Numbers
Merchandise 27
Presentation 25
Service 24
Cost E

Flight 001

Travel store

Owner Brad John "memorized" his positive ratings -- though he did "talk about" the store's mediocre service rating with his staff. The three-location retailer caters to the "sophisticated, cool" traveler, offering everything from luggage to cosmetics to globes. Flight 001 even sells Zagat's books, which are "valuable" if you are a "shopper,"John says. 212-691-1001

Official Numbers
Merchandise 26
Presentation 25
Service 20
Cost E

Rebel, Rebel

Record store

Employee Omri Geva advises storeowner David Shebiro to think of the review like a "horoscope," and only use the "good parts." Shebiro admits that Zagat's accurately portrays his store's affinity for British music. But he takes umbrage at the guide mocking his "Madonna fixation." In Greenwich Village, he explains, the Material Girl "helps pay" the "rent." 212-989-0770

Official Numbers
Merchandise 24
Presentation 16
Service 21
Cost M

Toys in Babeland

Sex toy shop

Co-owner Claire Cavanah is "thrilled" to be one of the top service honorees along with "snooty British tailor" Turnbull & Asser, which is like "our business," very "intimate." Cavanah learned of the rave review from a Fox 5 news reporter. Now, it's posted in her front window so men can maintain their "dignity" when buying a "cock ring." 212-375-1701

Official Numbers
Merchandise 26
Presentation 24
Service 28
Cost M


Vintage clothing store

While showing off his still-wet black widow tattoo, Mike Sportes ruminates on the average marks his store received. This "isn't" a boutique, he notes. It's called "Filth Mart." The giant dog and dust balls should have tipped off the reviewer that Sportes doesn't really "offer assistance" to customers, he says. Then the assistant manager of competitor 99X, Dan Kolodny, dropped by to taunt Sportes. "We do" have better "service" than you, he boasts. 212-387-0650

Official Numbers
Merchandise 21
Presentation 17
Service 16
Cost M

0-9: poor to fair
16-19: good to very good
10-15: fair to good
20-25: very good to excellent
26-30: extraordinary to perfection

I: Inexpensive
M: Moderate
E: Expensive
VE: Very Expensive

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