Perry Massie knows what real men want. His hunting-and-fishing-heavy Outdoor Channel is an unlikely independent success in the cable industry, which is dominated by News Corp. and Viacom. Revenue rose 24%, to $21.4 million, last year; Massie's family owns 59% of the thinly traded public company, which is based in Temecula, Calif. Massie, 41, started out in 1987 making infomercials for the family gold-prospecting business. ( Seriously. ) Today, his channel boasts 23 million viewers and a lineup that includes Ted Nugent Spirit of the Wild. Though there's more competition these days -- TNN is now Spike TV ( think Lifetime Television for men ), and a Maxim channel is in the works -- Massie isn't concerned. "Our shows appeal to guys who shoot guns and drive trucks," he says, "not Madison Avenue types."