Todd Parent.


Founder and CEO of Extreme Pizza, a $5 million company.

Age and home:

37, San Francisco.


150, including 100 full-time, in California, Colorado, and Arizona.

What's so "extreme" about it?

In 1994, Parent founded the 15-store chain to sell pizza that pushed the limits of toppings to include mandarin oranges, roasted walnuts, black beans and salsa, or hummus instead of tomato sauce. It was also an original sponsor of the X Games.

He's extreme too:

"I snowboard, surf, and kite board. And I play tennis. That's not extreme, but I think it's an extremely great workout."

Favorite slice:

The Poultry Geist. "It's a chicken pizza with a white sauce, like a zesty, ranchy sauce, that has broccoli, onions, fresh sage, gorgonzola, and fontina."

Recent client:

The San Francisco Police Department. "They hired us to provide all the food during the war protests. We set up a mini factory to feed them for two weeks. They especially liked our Fear Factor sandwich, which has spiced ham, cappicola, and provolone."

Yet another example of French bashing:

"Pizza wasn't my first choice. In college, when I was studying in Paris, I ate crepes every day. I thought I could bring the crepe stand concept to the U.S. But crepes were only a fad for about a month. They never caught on."

Things I can't live without...

Nike Shox TL running shoes, $150: "It's the only shoe that keeps my knees and lower back comfortable all day."

Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited V8, $33,500: "I'm always lugging things around, from restaurant equipment to boxes of pizza."

Taylor TE 5 electronic scale, $275: "We weigh portions of high-cost items, like meats and expensive cheeses."

Omega Seamaster 300 M Chronometer, $1,750: "My wife gave this to me for our third wedding anniversary."

...And What I Covet

Compaq Tablet PC TC1000, $1,699 and up: "It would make taking notes at business meetings efficient. Besides, it is very cool."